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Custom Programming

Utilizing scientifically-based training methods to achieve any strength or fitness goals

Custom programming is an online-based coaching experience that is 100% customized to your individual needs and goals.

Bobby has experience training powerlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes of various sports. Bobby's individualized programming is the perfect option for your next meet or contest prep, or whatever your fitness goal may be. Any experience level is welcomed!

You can expect weekly updates, video review for technique and proper form, and competition day guidance.


Your training program is customized to fit your goals. Bobby utilizes a variety of methods, including linear progression, undulating periodization, the Conjugate method, 5/3/1, and many others.

Click here for brief descriptions of the training theories and concepts used in Bobby's custom programming. 

Monthly - $150

*requires a 3-month commitment

Ready to get started? Have questions?

Use the contact form below

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